Please take this view on the Pandemic as it is – a commentary or opinion article.  But the facts shared are startling.  The Coronavirus certainly hit the elderly extremely hard in all countries.  ——————

NP View: The COVID-19 crisis has exposed Canada’s shameful treatment of its elderly

To say Canada has failed its elderly doesn’t begin to capture the extent of the wrong. Of all the realities forced on our attention as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the alarming weaknesses of our care for the elderly is perhaps the most painful.

And shaming. Respect for seniors should be a principal element of any civilized society. Ensuring adequate care for those whose years rob them of the ability to fully look after themselves should be at the top of any priority list. There is no question that Canadians as individuals love and respect those who brought them into the world, raised them and fashioned a society founded in peace, prosperity and mutual respect. But somehow along the way we have neglected to ensure that admiration for the individual is translated into services and support for the group as a whole. It may be an exaggeration to say Canada’s approach to long-term care consists of warehousing the old and infirm, but we have certainly let standards decline to a point we should be ashamed to acknowledge.