August 1st 2020 #COVID19 UPDATE

🚨Mexico now ranks 3rd in number of COVID deaths 🚨

U.S.: 157,000 Brazil: 92,000 Mexico: 47,000 U.K.: 46,000 India: 37,000

Total reported cases to date 17,825,114

Total deaths Worldwide are now reported to be 684,210

Happening around the World:

  • New cases are spiking up again in France
  • UK Government is worried about new surges and considers a new lockdown
  • As schools across the World start to open up, stories like this are going to be common: (stories from Twitter)
    • My nephew’s preschool opened Tuesday. They closed yesterday because a teacher tested positive for COVID-19.
    • As an Indiana school district welcomed students to the 2020-21 academic year, one of their students tested positive for Covid-19 on the first day of class, according to a letter sent to parents
  • UN food agency warns of refugee exodus due to COVID-19 in Latin America
  • In California more than 9,000 people have now died due to the Coronavirus

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