August 9 2020 #COVID19 UPDATE

🚨The World Approaches 20 million Cases of COVID19 🚨

Total reported cases to date 19,937,924

Total deaths Worldwide are now reported to be 731,903

The World approaches a very grim milestone.  20million cases.  To put that into perspective it was only on June 28th that the World Surpasses 10 million cases of COVID19.  The acceleration of the virus has not at all flattened in many areas of the World.  The countries still adding thousands of new cases per day include the United States, India, Brazil, Columbia, South Africa, Peru and Mexico amongst many others.

COVID – What is Happening around the World

  • India records nearly 64,000 new cases in the past 24 hours
  • UK is seeing a rise in cases again, with 1,000 new infections
  • Health officials believe that the actual number of COVID infections is 10 times higher than reported cases, or closer to 10 million in the United States given their testing limitations and the fact that as many as 40 % of those who are infected have no symptoms.
  • Hundreds of thousands of bikers attend South Dakota rally will very little physical distancing or masks
  • The Indian Medical Association said 196 doctors have died of COVID19 so far

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