August 19 2020 #COVID19 UPDATE

🚨The World Death Toll Sits at 786,140  🚨

Total reported cases to date 22,395,708

Total deaths Worldwide are now reported to be 786,140

Note that this is an increase of 186,000 from one month ago.

COVID – What is Happening around the World

  • School districts and governments around the World struggle with plans to reopen  schools safely
  • U.S. Universities suspend in person classes after surge in coronavirus cases
  • COVID19 cases continue to spike in British Columbia Canada as the proving extends it state of emergency to September 1st
  • Iran passes 20,000 official deaths due to covid19
  • US is averaging 1,000 deaths daily from coronavirus
  • New Jersey couple dies hours apart just two days after losing their son to coronavirus

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