August 21 2020 #COVID19 UPDATE

🚨The World Now Has 6,556,170 Active Cases of COVID19  🚨

This is important because we continue to track an increase of the number of active cases;

July 10th 5,253,342

July 24th 5,551,108

July 29th 5,785,363

August 3rd 6,098,670

August 11th 6,342,004

Total reported cases to date 22,925,540

Total deaths Worldwide are now reported to be 798,237

COVID – What is Happening around the World

  • Berlin Schools report COVID19 infections less than 2 weeks after classes resume
  • Kenyan doctors go on strike over delayed salaries and lack of PPE
  • Dallas schools will start the year virtually in September
  • French authorities report 4,711 new cases, the highest number since April
  • Spain’s epidemic “out of control” in certain areas says health emergencies director

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