It was reported that more than 160 pharmaceutical companies world-wide were in a race to be the first to produce a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19 a virus that has created a Global Pandemic and has literally reached every continent on the planet.

The first cases of Covid-19 were reported more than a year ago in China.  For the rest of the world by the end of January 2020 more than 27 countries reported cases.  On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus outbreak a Global Pandemic. 

More than 82 Million people world-wide have been infected with Covid-19 and 1.79 Million people have lost their lives due to this horrible virus. So a vaccine can’t come soon enough!

By now, you have probably heard one or all of these names; Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca they are of course companies with approved vaccines.  So, now that we actually have several different companies with approved vaccines the next HUGE hurdle will begin…

This will be by far the biggest logistical challenge in history – to transport vaccines to almost 200 countries and billions of people…  Not to even mention, how these countries will get the vaccines to the most remote areas all while having to keep them in strict temperature controlled environments. It’s actually mind-boggling when you read some of the logistical challenges that our governments will have to overcome to get one of the most important vaccines in history delivered to the entire world!

So, now the question is … how many people need to be vaccinated before we can go back to normal?  The answer unfortunately is quite complicated but basically it’s around 60% – 70% of the population –  whether that’s in your own country or world-wide.  On a global scale that would be between 4.7 billion and 5.5 billion people.  However, those numbers could change depending on how well the vaccine works to prevent the person to person transmission.