There has been 158 Million cases of Covid-19 world-wide and has claimed more than 3.29 Million lives.  These are stark

Covid-19 Long Haulers

Imagine what it would be like to be fighting a life threatening virus? One day you wake up not feeling

Covid-19 Variants

We’ve all heard by now about the different variants of Covid-19.  Viruses are always mutating and taking on new forms

The Beginning of the End – The Covid-19 Vaccine!

It was reported that more than 160 pharmaceutical companies world-wide were in a race to be the first to produce

How Did We Get Here!

The entire world is in the middle of a Global Pandemic!  Most countries are now going through their Second Wave

COVID19 Update October 2nd 2020

October 2nd 2020 #COVID19 UPDATE 🚨 India’s DEATH Toll Nears 100,000 🚨 Total Confirmed Cases in the World 34,079,542 Total

COVID Update October 1st 2020

October 1st 2020 #COVID19 UPDATE 🚨 271,707 NEW Coronavirus Cases in the last 24 hours 🚨 Total Confirmed Cases in

COVID Update September 30th 2020

September 30th 2020 #COVID19 UPDATE 🚨 TOTAL Cases of COVID Reach 33.4+ MILLION 🚨 Total Confirmed Cases in the World

COVID Update September 29th 2020

September 29th 2020 #COVID19 UPDATE 🚨 Global DEATH TOLL Surpasses 1 MILLION 🚨 Total Confirmed Cases in the World 33,206,004

COVID Update September 28th 2020

September 28th 2020 #COVID19 UPDATE 🚨India Surpasses 6 MILLION Coronavirus Cases🚨 Total Confirmed Cases in the World 32,968,853 Total Reported